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Trees / 樹

To draw trees is always one of my biggest passion. I’ve kept drawing trees through my life. Here I show some of my dear trees and some works. ◯京都青蓮院門跡 大楠 / Camphor Trees of Shoren-in Temple ,Kyoto, JP 2008   ◯Trees in Všeradice, CZ 2012

Seasons Flow / 四季琅琅 2006

Acrylic colors on Husuma (internal doors in Japanese house), 2006. This is an offered work from a family house in Tokyo. There’s a traditional custom in Japan to paint pictures (of flowers, plants or moutains or so) on house’s fittings, and it’s almost painted on Husuma (Japanese house’s door to devide rooms) or Byobu (aRead More