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Eye Contact

Poetry book written in Japanese and English. (Dual language) Its attractive point is that the poet wrote her poetries only with the inspirations from my drawings. It means, normally they write by their inspirations and illustrator draws illustration, but this time, it was completely opposite. By this method, this books is full of inspirations, and also,Read More

Portraits of Czech People Series – school teachers

Portrait project at the illustration studio at Umprum. Drew the real people (professors, teachers, head of workshops and assistants of design department!) and made a B&W illustration. It was the first time for me to draw the Czech people seriously. I found a lot of different points between them and Japanese! PDF version. enjoy theirRead More

A Ballet Girl

“A Ballet Girl” author book, 2013 This is a pictorial book about my actual story when I was learning classical balllet. Ballet was everything for me in my teenage days. I wrote and drew episodes about ballet and the life with it. My life changed after some happy years… If you are czech reader, please readRead More

Trees / 樹

To draw trees is always one of my biggest passion. I’ve kept drawing trees through my life. Here I show some of my dear trees and some works. ◯京都青蓮院門跡 大楠 / Camphor Trees of Shoren-in Temple ,Kyoto, JP 2008 ◯Trees in Všeradice, CZ 2012   ◯A family tree drawn on the work of Nikola Klanicova, 2016    Read More