Collaborative improvisational drawing with drum play of Kentaro Kaihori

Hasu Riviera / 蓮リヴィエラ

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蓮リヴィエラ / Hasu-Riviera
*It’s the name of our collaborative live show. I draw a chacoal drawing on Husuma while Kentaro Kaihori playing the drums.
We both play and create completely by improvisation. It lasts about one hour.
This project started from 2002 and we held it 5 times so far.
蓮リヴィエラは、海掘賢太郎 (Drums) と當麻ユキコ (Drawing) によるコラボレーションユニットです。互いが必要とした時に、不定期に活動します。

Documentary Photos of Hasu Riviera – vol.4

photo by Hirotoshi Tadokoro