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“White Fields” – Unit Kimiho vol.2

I painted this white painting on a long vinyl roll (10m x 1.2m) for the contemporary ballet stage “White Fields” held at Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo, Japan. It was Unit Kimiho‘s second stage which were held from 30th January to 1st February 2009. All Photos are taken by TES Iida & Yusuke Masuda. I also participatedRead More

Siddhartha / シッダールタ 2005

Graduation work 2005. 原作:ヘルマン・ヘッセ『シッダールタ』/新潮文庫 昭和46年発行/訳者:高橋健二 Title : SIDDHARTHA/Author : Hermann Hesse,1922 English Translated by Hilda Rosner, Bantam books Made a book. The photo is its cover. Made & sold 35 books.   Exhibition at Gallery b. Tokyo.