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The Rainbow Planet

It has its own story. In a chaos world, one baby was bone from Goddes and a King, but she’s gone. Baby has grown as a “prince”, and he decided to create his new planet – called “Rainbow Planet”. Now he start creation … Exhibition Photo Harajuku, Peter’s Shop And Gallery, July 2011  

Siddhartha / シッダールタ 2005

Graduation work 2005. 原作:ヘルマン・ヘッセ『シッダールタ』/新潮文庫 昭和46年発行/訳者:高橋健二 Title : SIDDHARTHA/Author : Hermann Hesse,1922 English Translated by Hilda Rosner, Bantam books Made a book. The photo is its cover. Made & sold 35 books.   Exhibition at Gallery b. Tokyo.