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godzmekano vol.1

All these are from live drawnig with Yushi Iwata – Guitarist. See performance photos, video and more details at our website: http://godzmekano.rossa.cc !!!  😀  

Sumi drawings 2016

I still cannot name it, but maybe it would be “Sumi to Yuki” – means sumi and snow. My name “Yukiko” means “snow child”, also I’ve been feeling some special feelings for snows maybe also because of my name. and Snow is also means “pure white”, which is really necessary to express with some strongRead More

Calligraphic pics (beginnings)

I learned some styles of calligraphy from 2015, and sometimes I make some works. Some of them (in latin letters) are which I did it on the calligraphy workshop by Nikola Klanicova, and in Japanese one is just by myself, which in written about my feelings in that moment (diary – Nikki). I feel thatRead More

Trees / 樹

To draw trees is always one of my biggest passion. I’ve kept drawing trees through my life. Here I show some of my dear trees and some works. ◯京都青蓮院門跡 大楠 / Camphor Trees of Shoren-in Temple ,Kyoto, JP 2008   ◯Trees in Všeradice, CZ 2012

On the border of / 境界像 2002

It’s drawn on used Fusuma (internal door in normal Japanese house). Graduation work 2002. Exhibition   姿生 / to the life no.1