Eye Contact

Author Pictorial Books, Illustration

Poetry book written in Japanese and English. (Dual language)

Its attractive point is that the poet wrote her poetries only with the inspirations from my drawings.
It means, normally they write by their inspirations and illustrator draws illustration, but this time, it was completely opposite.
By this method, this books is full of inspirations, and also, even the readers has his/her own poetry and may write it by yourself!
We, Kirie and I played a lot with this pictures and words, so please play with it, too!!
Spread your wings with those black & white unicerse 😉

Wrote in Japanese and English.
Collaborative work book, playing with drawings and words
Drawings by Yukiko Taima, Poetry by Kirie Ikeda
260x270mm, 30 pages / Accordion binding, hand made
Laser printing on SAVANNA paper

Actually, in this moment I have no more printings of this book.
If you want this book, please send me your request.
Or I really want some editor at publisher who’s interested in this book, so please let me know.
Thanks 🙂