Profile: Yukiko TAIMA   1979 born in Tokyo

profileHistory of Education:
2002 Tokyo Zokei University – BA
(Graduation work: “On the border of“)
2005 Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan – MA of Graphic Design & Illustration Field (Graduation work: “Shiddhartha“)
2015 UMPRUM, Prague, Czech Republic – MA of Illustration & Graphic Field (Graduation work: “Malá Japonka“)
2012-2014 Scholarship from Czech embassy, 2014-2015 Fellowship by POLA Art Foundation, Japan

Now I’m living and working in Prague as a illustrator and painter.

Private exhibition:
2011 “The Rainbow Planet”, Peter’s Shop And Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo
2009 ”Story-tell”(oil-bar drawings)(water colors), Gallery b.Tokyo, Ginza, Tokyo
2007 “Into thy hands”, Gallery b.Tokyo, Ginza, Tokyo
2005 “The Awakening”, Gallery b.Tokyo, Ginza, Tokyo

Group exhibition:
2012 Group Exhibition of Artist-in-residence at Galerie a muzeum M.D.RETTIGOVÉ in Všeradice, Czech Republic
2007 ”Illustration Studies Postcard Exhibition”, LAPNETSHIP, Harajuku, Japan
2007 ”Japanese+Polish Masters of graphic Design”,
“D.G. Borgerhus” Town Gallery & Old Library Gallery, Kolding, Denmark
2004  Message Illustration Posters exhibition, Motoazabu Gallery, Toyama, Japan
2003  Surrealism Illustration Exhibition, Galley space inside of Tama Art University
2003 ”Messages From Body IV”(1)(2), Pepper’s Loft Gallery, Ginza, Japan
2001 ”Myakudo” 3 person exhibition, Kalokalo house, Harajuku, Japan

Stage Art & Performance:
2009 Collaboration drums&drawing performance “Hasu Riviera”Vol.5, Gallery Takokura, Kouti, Japan
2009  “White Fields” – Unit Kimiho vol.2 (Stage Art Produntion & drawing performance),
Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo, Japan
2007 ”Hasu Riviera” Vol.4, Enkou Temple, Takamatsu, Japan
2003 ”Hasu Riviera” Vol.3, Quatllo Marugametyo 3rd floor, Takamatsu, Japan
2003 ”Same Tall as your Die.”(event, organization and attendas “Hasu Riviera” Vol.2 )
Pepper’s Gallery, Ginza, Japanllery in Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2002 ”Hasu Riviera” Vol.1, Club NAVIGATOR, Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
2001 ”The Queen of Spades”(collaboration performance with an actress, i was as a drawer), Shibuya, Tokyo


Akacoa symbolic mark is created by Takehide Tanaka (Jahm Design), photos(this page&Hasu-riviera) is taken by Hirotoshi Tadokoro.